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Why Chatbots Could Be the Secret Weapon to Elevate Your Customer Experience

• over 100,000 businesses are using chatbots to deliver answers to consumers faster
• 77% of customers have improved perceptions of business after chatting with them online

As a consumer, how many times have you sent off an email to customer service only to never receive a reply? And how many times have you made a repeat purchase from a brand that treated you this way?

Today, consumers operate with an expectation of instant gratification. When they send off a question, whether, via social media or email, they want to receive an almost instant reply.
What will a ChatBot do for your business?
Provide 24-hour service.

ChatBots never sleep. Most of the online interactions are happening after your business is closed. Some of those visitors could be potential customers. But you are not there to answer their inquiries. Will they come back? Maybe.

ChatBots can effectively streamline your ability to service customers and increase sales. Providing customers with instant responses, answering basic questions, helping with common order questions, resolving complaints quickly, and providing a consistently friendly and on-brand voice are all reasons that chatbots provide an elevated customer experience.

“Over two billion messages are sent between businesses and customers on Facebook alone. It’s no wonder over 100,000 businesses are using chatbots to deliver answers to consumers faster ”

ChatBots can be personalized to put your customer at ease
Chatbots are programmed to look for certain keywords and respond with pre-determined answers to customer’s inquiries, it’s important to ensure that the responses are as personalized as possible.

Think of how many times you have called a company’s customer service department and been routed through their voice-activated prompts that simulate human conversation, only to get stuck in a loop and not be able to get an actual person on the phone
Chatbots allow having conversations at scale.

ChatBots give you the peace of mind that customers and new leads are being acknowledged without the need to be connected 24/7 or having a staff member work around the clock and allow you to converse with your audience at scale.
Not only does the technology allow you to significantly increase the number of customers who can be addressed at any given time and immediately, but it also allows mundane tasks that your staff would typically perform to be done by your ChatBot.

In fact, 77% of customers have improved perceptions of business after chatting with them online, according to Neil Patel.

If you’re ready to start making an impression that counts, let us, at QRMChatBot build you a 24/7 assistant.

It’s like having a new employee working around the clock.
So, what can the ChatBot do?

• Greet your visitor by name
• Collect email information and add to your CRM or an email list.
• Deliver documents such as, pdf’s, eBook’s, etc.
• Show videos, for your products, promotions, sales, video ads, etc.
• Show multiple images, for items you may have on special this month. Example; a car dealer may have several car images for sale, this month. A Pizza restaurant could have several pizzas on special.
• Collect information for a service appointment, for any type of service, and qualify your customer’s needs, and email you the chat.
• Run a survey for your business
• Subscribe them to your Newsletter
• Sell your Gym or Yoga classes Membership
• Qualify Real Estate prospects
• …and just about anything else

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